Partner with us

Hindrise Foundation is striving to follow its core vision by working in collaboration and partnership. We fulfill our noble commitments all over India by joining hands with local partners, governments, NGOs, donors, and various corporate firms and businesses, etc. We are serving underprivileged women, children living happiness-deprived lives, farmers, elderly people, Cows, etc. Since initiating our noble operations across the geographical boundaries of India in October 2019, we have been delivering all-round services to poverty-stricken individuals and families from backward communities by working together with our local partners for a common mission. The success of our partnership and collaborative model is due to our skilled teammates, coupled with the expertise of our partners. We conform to some significant principles that are vital to partnership- Ownership, Interdependence, Principle of Consistency, Transparency Factor, Joint Accountability, Mutual Support, Shared Goals, Integrity. (Form only to be filled by serious candidates)